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  • We love overcoming challenges

    We understand your business needs and provide precise technological solutions. We seek ground breaking new projects that will open doors in the market. If it hasn’t been done or been rumored impossible, we will be the first to do it.

  • We
    get it

    We understand your concept. We take the time to learn your project in and out. We put in the same amount of passion for the project as you do. This is the difference between getting the job done and creating something we have personally invested in.

  • We are partners,
    not vendors

    We understand your business and provide precise technological solutions. We work with you, not for or against you, to understand the expectations of the project. We hear what you don’t say and propose technological solutions you may not have thought of.

  • Idea

    We provide technological insight coupled with business insight based on our experience with hundreds of projects and dozens of different industries. We help you launch your initial idea in the form of a prototype, functional version or a presentation that includes UI and UX.

  • Our drive is your success,
    not profit

    Our primary goal is to launch a successful project for our clients. We believe in win-win partnerships. If it is not beneficial to our client’s project, we will not recommend it. We will always turn down the opportunity of profit if the outcome will hurt our client.

  • Projects are delivered on Time, and within Budget

    As a strong business partner, we make sure your project is completely on time and within budget. We will provide practical insight on how to prevent common project execution pitfalls such as endless rounds of revisions, communication gaps, and enhancements without empirical data.

  • Strong Project Management Methodology

    The secret to getting projects done on time lies heavily within our streamlined project execution process. While other companies may leave you out of the loop during a project’s development, we have carefully crafted a process that relies on client participation. We invest in our clients’ vision and work closely with them to produce an extraordinary product.

  • Dedicated
    Project Manager

    A client’s dedicated project manager serves as more than a point of contact. The project manager will drive the project along swiftly until it has been successfully completed.

  • Dedicated
    Creative Analyst

    The creative analyst will handle visionary execution on your project from start to finish. We take client design input seriously, which is why we allow the client to lead the way in terms of their visionary project design.

  • Knowing how something works is not the same as knowing how to build it.

    Technical expertise is simply not enough when it comes to digital project execution. While PLAVEB is staffed with programmers who are experts in their field, we also take a business minded approach to projects.

  • Diverse ideas and vast experience provide limitless possibilities

    PLAVEB has acquired and successfully developed groundbreaking and one-of-a-kind projects. Most of our projects are pioneering concepts in their respective domains.

  • Usability accounted

    We are one of the few companies that can both produce stunning, usable designs and create powerful web and mobile applications. This balanced combination can help you grow your business at a faster pace.

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