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What we do

Enterprise Application

Feature-rich enterprise mobile application development services to increase business efficiency and enterprise mobility.

We integrate all elements of cross platform mobile development to ensure a consistent experience to your customers and employees across multiple devices.

Our practical and proven process helps you to start and implement your new idea whether or not you have prior experience with web or mobile application projects.

Mobile Application

We unlock the endless possibilities of mobile application development and bring your ideas to life.

PLAVEB engaged in mobile app development before app development companies even existed. Vast experience and a logical approach allow us to convert the impossible into possible.

Development for any platform, whether porting or from the ground up, successfully delivered again and again.

Learn more about each platform we develop for

  • iPhone application development services that will help you set the right goals from the word go and ramp up and evolve as needed to meet your time-to-market deadlines. We always let you be in control and give the much needed confidence to transform your business.

  • Our custom Android mobile applications development provide you better visibility of future needs and control across your business. Leverage the power of integrated Android application development solutions that will help your business run faster and think smarter as it continues to evolve.

  • Be it consumer or enterprise mobile apps, our iPad application development solutions allow you to embrace changes, think ahead of time and gain competitive advantage as you expand your business around the world. We collaborate with you to evaluate your business goals and develop best-in-class iPad app solutions.

Mobile App UI &
UX Design

Stunning user interface design and intuitive user experiences.

We take an objective-based, custom approach to each application’s user interface design. Our approach, process and experience have set us apart and allow us to achieve proven success.


App Development with Profit Sharing for startups

We recognize how new app ideas can impact the overall growth of the mobile industry and day-to-day life. Most new app ideas are not implemented due to the major roadblock of monetary investment. To fuel innovation, we invest in promising ideas by reducing the development cost of these projects.

Responsive Design

Websites or applications that respond according to the device’s display resolution There are multiple advantages to creating just one responsive website that adapts to the end platform’s display resolution. We are one of the few companies who encourage and educate the client on developing future-proof websites and applications.

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