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On-the-fly visualization for custom infrared security solutions PLAVEB has developed a powerful sales tool for Optex, a manufacturer and distributor of infrared security systems. The iPad app provides an intuitive drag-and-drop interface for visualizing user-customized sensor arrays.
Optex is a manufacturer and distributor of indoor and outdoor, active and passive infrared technology primarily used in security applications. They provide a complete array of customer service, support and training along with certifications for installers.
  • Ease of use PLAVEB designed the application to be intuitive and easy to use. It allows the user to drag and drop sensors onto their map on the fly to obtain a visual idea of how their custom security sensor array will look and perform.needs, whether it be custom shipping requirements, or unique products.
  • Effective sales tool The application allows the user to generate a detailed work order which details the cost of all the equipment placed. It allows the user to upload their own image or use aerial photography from Google Maps in order to create their project.
  • Simplicity of Design PLAVEB’s design team made it a priority to use the full device screen to display the user’s uploaded image or Google Maps imagery. The actual user interface elements take up a small portion of the screen and are designed to be unobtrusive and have a minimalist look and feel. The result is an application that is highly visual, intuitive, and easy to use.
This solution was implemented into the final system with great success.

The client wanted to have an iPad app built which would be used by their sales personnel to display the utility and range of each product. The app would be integrated with Google Maps so that users could center on a specific building or location in order to then create their security array. To create their security array, users would be able to drag and drop various sensors in order to achieve their desired coverage area. The map and the product images would match in scale so a realistic sensor pattern could be displayed.

The biggest engineering challenge PLAVEB faced revolved around the issue of image scaling. We needed to ensure that we could faithfully display an accurate depiction of the coverage area a particular sensor would have as it would be crucial to the planning of the security arrays. In the end, we determined that we would create three predefined zoom levels within the map, each to be used in conjunction with appropriately scaled sensor images.

The app would allow the user to then generate a work order detailing each product type, quantity and cost for the project.
Our Consultation Process
The application was complex, and catered to a specific internal purpose of the organization. PLAVEB started the project by performing an in-depth analysis of client requirements, and zeroing in on the diverse set of technologies and platforms that would help develop this iPad enterprise application.
Proposed Solution
As the client had provided a rudimentary mockup of their initial idea for the architecture of the app, the only major components left to be specified were the means by which the map was integrated, the drag and drop functionality and work order generation. We proposed a native iPad application which would allow the sales personnel to be at a customer’s location and be able to quickly and easily create a security array and work order for use in their sales pitch.
Development Execution
This project was quite large in terms of functionality. There were vastly different controls for each type of user; Admin, Vendor, Customer. There were also a large number of integrations that were necessary. We had multiple payment gateways, multiple shipping carriers, as well as vendor and admin controls to add additional options.
Our Design Process
The minimalist design of the application showcases the way in which PLAVEB can create a deceptively simple user interface that belies the complex technology running behind the scenes. The interface consists mostly of aerial photography of commercial buildings with graphical representations of security sensor arrays overlaid on it.
This iPad application perfectly matches the client’s specifications. It enables users to select a particular building or job site, either by uploading its image, or by utilizing Google Maps. Users can also customize the placement of sensors on locations specified by the client, so that the client can envision the sensor’s reach and the areas covered by it.

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